Cool Tips for Summer: DIY “Outdoor Air Conditioning” with Tea Towels and Other Cooling Hacks

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Cool Tips for Summer: DIY “Outdoor Air Conditioning” with Tea Towels and Other Cooling Hacks


This summer has been sweltering, with many parts of the world setting new historical high-temperature records. How’s the temperature in your area?


In the scorching heat of summer, staying extraordinary becomes a top priority. Besides indulging in ice cream and sipping chilled juices, some nifty tricks can help you feel refreshingly cool. Today, we’re sharing some everyday life hacks to show you how to create your own “outdoor air conditioning” using tea towels, and we’ll also explore other ingenious ways to beat the heat. Get ready to breeze through the hottest days with these simple and practical ideas.

DIY “Outdoor Air Conditioning” with Tea Towels:

Hey there, fellow heat warriors! Try this fantastic tea towel hack if you’re tired of feeling like you’re melting. All you need is:

Step 1: Grab A Towel

Find a clean tea towel, preferably bright, to match your summer mood.


Step 2: Get it Damp

Wet the tea towel—just a bit, not too soggy—enough for that refreshing dampness.


Step 3 Hang it Up


Hang the damp tea towel in a well-ventilated area, like a balcony or by the door. When the breeze brushes against it, you’ll experience a gentle and calm sensation, like having your outdoor air conditioning.


Of course, if you want your “outdoor air conditioning” to stand out, you can use a more personalized custom tea towel. This brings a refreshing sensation and serves as decoration, a win-win situation.

Other Cool Hacks for Beating the Heat:

Chill with a Bottle Fan: Fill a water bottle with ice cubes, then place the tea towel over the bottle’s opening. Instantly, you’ve got yourself a mini chilly fan.

Fruit Coolness: Dive into ice-cold watermelon or grapes for a refreshing and hydrating treat that screams summer.

Stay Shaded with a Hat: Throw on a stylish hat before stepping outside—it’s not just a fashion statement but a clever way to shield yourself from the sun.

Foot Comfort: Don’t forget your feet! Give them a quick wipe with a damp towel for an instant cool-down to refresh you from head to toe.


In the dog days of summer, keeping your cool is critical to enjoying the season to the fullest. Whether creating your own “outdoor air conditioning” with tea towels or trying out other heat-beating hacks, these little tricks can make a big difference in how you experience summer. So, go ahead and give them a shot! Share these ideas with your friends and family, and let’s all breeze through summer with a smile. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest!



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