Wedding Tea Towels

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Wedding Tea Towels


Of all the trends found in the wedding industry, wedding tea towels are among the hottest ideas today. Personal, memorable, and useful, the decorative items replace standard invitations as a permanent solution to stationery needs. When a guest opens a wedding tea towel as an invitation or wedding favor, they’re taken back by the item’s detail and beauty.

What Makes Wedding Tea Towels Unique?

Containing artwork and typography, wedding tea towels are worthy of praise in many ways. First and foremost, they’re often hand-drawn or letterpressed, making them a unique gift item with an impactful visual appeal. Considered a work of art themselves, the wedding tea towels aren’t something someone tucks away in a drawer and forgets about which is why they work well as wedding invites.


Some advantages that wedding tea towels offer include:

★ Longevity. Printed paper products simply don’t last as long as other fiber items. If you want to create a personal memento for others to hold onto and enjoy, a tea towel does the trick. It allows you to get the most return on your initial investment, too, because when you factor in how many years the tea towel can be used regularly, you see its value quickly.

★ Creativity. There isn’t an announcement as grand as the one you’ll make of your engagement and plans to wed as a couple. It’s when you pull out all the stops and let the gift works it magic on the recipient. Receiving a beautiful tea towel in the mail or at the reception gives people a sense of excitement. They know it’s an extraordinary gift due to its sheer size and weight it. A piece of cardstock is nothing when compared to cotton, linen or hemp.

★ Sentimental Value. A permanent gift such as a tea towel provides years of happy memories. It’s not the type of memento that is stowed away or destroyed and forgotten about. It becomes part of the home and a cherished collection of mementos that your family, friends, and co-workers keep because of their perceived value. They know the amount of effort and money that went into acquiring such a gift so they aren’t so quick to put it away where it won’t be seen, used or admired.

★ Memorable Imagery. It’s not just wedding bells and doves you’ll find on tea towels. There are many other images that can be added to your order. For example, a teapot makes an interesting change of pace. It’s also relevant considering the name of the towel and its intended usage. Couples can add to the atmosphere they’ve created for their guests by choosing towels featuring elements from their theme. That could color on the final product, script or traditional text, and images that evoke emotion and remain in the minds of the people who see them and receive the tea towels as a gift.


Wedding guests can:

★ Keep leafy green vegetables crisp.

★ Line a bread basket or basket full of baked desserts such as muffins and cookies with a tea towel.

★ Use it to dry dishes.

★ Frame it and have it serve as wall art.

★Use it to carry baked goods to a party.


Work with a Company That Understands Your Wants and Needs

With new generations, old trends make a comeback. They see the value in what was once kitschy. People who love to spend time in the kitchen, preparing and cooking food, know that a tea towel is an essential part of the room’s décor.

If you haven’t yet explored the idea of giving wedding tea towels to your guests in place of invitations or wedding favors, now is the time to do so. The trend is hot and the selection you have waiting for you is incredible. You can easily get the tea towels that you hoped for by working with a company – BLANC Tea Towel




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