How to Catch a Crocodile with a Tea Towel?

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How to Catch a Crocodile with a Tea Towel?


At the beginning of January 2023, a major flood occurred in Kimberley, Australia, and many areas were affected. I hope everyone is well. God bless.

The flood has receded, and post-disaster reconstruction has begun orderly, but some wild animals that came with the flood are still reluctant to leave. For example, the crocodiles in the town that floods come at any time.

The following video happened in Fitzroy Crossing, Australia. A wild crocodile appeared on the side of the road. The police tried to control it. Maybe there was no tool at hand. The tool the police attempted to use was a tea towel to control the crocodile. We have introduced many different uses of tea towels before, and now we can add one, use tea towels to catch crocodiles. This shows how popular tea towels are in Australia.

The police officer was courageous and tried to control the crocodile by blindfolding it with a tea towel from behind. But when the tea towel fell on the crocodile’s eyes, the crocodile immediately shook off the tea towel in a near-death tumbling motion, which shocked the video shooter. Then after many attempts by the officer, a wildlife volunteer was called in and successfully contained the reptile.

Fitzroy Crossing cop uses tea towel to catch croc after Kimberley floods.



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